When a roof has died

On arrival on site it didn’t take a geniuses to see that there was a problem on this roof. Once up on the roof the full extent of the roof failure was evident with large swaths of single ply membrane  gone from the roof leaving exposed insulation board.


Bouncy castle roof



We were called in by the developer of a large office block to investigate the causation of a single ply membrane becoming inflated like a balloon and to prepare a temporary method of restraining the membrane to prevent the risk of it becoming detached from the building and ending up on to a busy main road.

On opening up of the roof we identified that the roof was being inflated from air pressure which has caused the membrane to be come debonded from the fixing plates


Working closely with specialist contractor roofing contractor we developed a method of retain the roof using polymer batten bar at 800mm centres and fixed with 6.3mm dia heavy duty roofing screws at 150mm centres, with the whole restraining system weathered with a compatible single ply membrane strip